Biogas - probably the world´s smartest greentech

as clever as it gets - biogas

Producing sustainable energy from wind, sun and water are by now well established techniques. But there´s a more clever way of meeting the needs of tomorrow´s world. Producing energy from waste. Availiable in huge amounts in the same place where energy demand is high - metropolitan areas. Biogas is storable and it´s production independent of rain, if it´s day or night, windy or not. Independent of long distance transportation or power lines. Biogas makes the cities cleaner, smarter and safer, and the countryside a better place to live both economically and environmentally.

A growing number of world economies are taking a first step towards reducing their carbon footprint by replacing coal and oil with natural gas (fossil methane) China is doing it and so is India, the USA, Russia and Europe.
Thanks to 25 years of research, Sweden and swedish regions are leading the second step of this change: replacing natural gas with biogas/biomethane (non-fossil methane) Changing from natural gas to biogas means going carbon neutral.

In Sweden you can learn everything about how biogas best is produced from a wide variety of waste such as food waste, sewage, residue from forrestry or farming, seaweed, manure or byproducts from the food industry. 
You can also study and buy technology enabling the replacement of natural gas by biogas in everything from industrial processes, heating, electricity production or as fuel in ships or cars.
Biogas is storable. And then there´s this: apart from energy, biogas production also renders ecologic fertiliser. 
The biogas system makes it easier for farmers to make money from fuel production simultaneously increasing availiability of high quality, domestic fertiliser.

The techniques developed by swedish municipalities are simply the most clever, advanced and flexible system for solving problems in economy, energy, waste, national security and climate availiable today. Biogas is circular economy at it´s best and the most economic way to replace the use of fossil fuels in transports world wide. At sea and on land. Biogas reduces the need for transports of fuel between countries. Biogas secures the country´s own supply of energy and fertiliser at the same time as more money stay in the country creating jobs instead of ending up abroad as payment for imported fuel. Biogas - the swedish solution.

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has