the biogas label


         one for all, all for one

The more people that drive biogas cars the better. The more offices, conference facilities, hotels and grocerys stores that see to that their organic waste is turned into biogas and eco-fertiliser, the better.  
Despitel the fact that Sweden´s biogas grid where waste becomes fuel is being copied by a growing number of countries, most people and businesses are unaware of the possibility to run their cars and transports on ecological fuel produced in your own municipality. Or of the link between sorting your teabags and banana peels and your country´s economy and carbon footprint.

The time has come to change all that.

Using the same label at filling stations, on cars, the entrance doors of hotels and restaurants and on the food waste bin in your own backyard more people will make the connection. Leading to a faster shift towards a smarter society.

Join us in being the change.

        Who can use the label?

  • Cars, buses and trucks fueling CNG/CBG/Fordonsgas/LNG/LBG/Biomethane/RNG. Privately owned or company cars alike.
  • Businesses or households involved in sorting or collecting organic waste for the production of biogas.
  • Businesses/individuals producing biogas.
  • Businesses selling biogas
  • Businesses using biogas in manufacturing of products, restaurant kitchens or for heating/cooling.
  • Printed or digital material focusing on the biogas value chain.

  where is the label applicable?


When you´re business is approved for using the biogas label it can be used;

  • printed material such as broschures, table talkers, ads
  • websites and social media
  • sponsored surfaces like sports equipment
  • in communication directed towards your own organisation (office sorting containers, etc.)
  • on vehicles (buses, rental cars, taxis, trucks)
  • fueling stations
  • entrance doors, customer-/guest toilets 
  • sorting equipment like bins and cupboards in offices or public spaces like airports and train stations
  • digesters, tanks, containers, fences, signs
Businesses using the biogas label is offered partnership in campaigns and will also have access to Biogasakademin´s network and channels of information.

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