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Taxi020 and BIOGAS academy

Frederick Scholander, director of marketing and sales Taxi020

500 yellow cabs turn green using a blue label



More than 500 of Stockholms 2,600 biomethane fueled taxis belong to Taxi020.

Director of marketing and sales Frederick Scholander contacted the Biogas Academy for a meeting.

The result was a campaign with Taxi020 and ten other companies in six swedish cities. During "Biogas Week 2016" (sw: Nationella biogasveckan) 300 street ads joined commercial radio stations, digital- and social media as well as the website tankasvenskt.se and full page ads in the business paper Dagens Industri Weekend, telling the swedes about the magic of swedish biogas. With a blue version of the swedish biogas label on 500 Taxi020 biogas cabs both native stockholmians as well as tourists and Nobel laureates are now reminded of how a smart city fuels its taxis.

Frederick Scholander: - I really enjoy playing golf. A few years back every season meant chasing a lower handicap. Now, after playing for more than 30 years, it´s become more about enjoying the mental zone of the game. Having said that, succeeding with a seven meter putt when my fellow player just missed his from one meter still feels good. Very good even.

Fredric Nyström head of responsible investments
Carola Kollberg front desk 
Filip Boman asset manager, Öhman asset management 

ÖHMAN and Biogas academy

"Most sustainable asset manager 2017" closes the loop


Fredric Nyström, head of responsible investments, wanted to make the Öhman office a part of Stockholm´s circular economy. Biogas Academy was contacted.
A meeting at the office next to Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm´s business district resulted in a plan to make Öhman part of the local production of sustainable, fossil free fuel helping Stockholm to make the change. Property owner Hufvudstaden made the necessary arrangements with the City of Stockholm. At the launch of food sorting at the office, Biogas Academy gave a lunch presentation.
Curious and enthusiastic Öhman co-workers had many questions concering investment opportunities in biogas technology, export potential and the fact that all ships and industries that are using natural gas today can become climate neutral/fossil free simply by switching to biogas/biomethane.

Fredric Nyström: - I´ve always had an interest in development and economy. During my years at the University of Gothenburg, I found the courses in economic development the most interesting. At that time, my plan was to work for an organisation dealing with development in Africa. But I honestly believe that my position today gives me a better opportunity to make a positive difference (including to the peoples of poorer countries) Dedicating myself to responsibility, the new x-factor in investments, suits me well. I don´t consider myself a competitive person, but if I have to name my game, I dont´mind being the best in responsible investments. Ensuring that the food waste that our office generates comes to use as biogas fits the bill for both me and Öhman: if someone needs to show the better way of doing things, we´re up for the job. 

skanska sverige and Biogas academy

Bertil Rosquist, Senior Green Advisor SKANSKA Sverige  

Smart building gets smart waste logistics.


SKANSKA Sveriges Senior Green Advisor Bertil Rosquist wanted waste logistics at the head office to be state of the art.
Biogas Academy was contacted.
Where the 1,100 co-workers were to put their apple cores and teabags was made clear by using stickers and signs explaining the link between sorting and green fuel. 

Fifty percent of the biogas fueling 50,000 swedish cars comes from smart waste water treatment. In order to make his collegues proud, even of what they produce when going to the toilet, Bertil put up stickers in the restrooms saying "Biogas produced here!" in swedish. Some of Bertils co-workers thought that was being immature. However, not before long questions came from the board of directors: "-Can´t we get those stickers in english?" Of course they could. Today golden letters reading "Biogas Production Facility" meets SKANSKAs numerous foreign guest feeling the need to learn more about sustainable fuel and sewage. 

Bertil Rosquist: - One of the things I enjoy the most about being a Senior Green Advisor is working with so many collegues that are into "thinking green". A couple of weeks back I met with a project leader who puts a lot of effort into getting electrical bicycles for his collegues to use instead of getting to work by car. It´s truly an asset to be able to encourage good ideas and implement them at large scale throughout SKANSKAs organisation! 

smart recycling and biogas academy

Kennet Jesperssen, CEO Smart Recycling

 ”We are Smart Recycling. Driving on a fuel produced from waste IS smart recycling."  


Smart Recycling had decided to replace their fleet of trucks and cars with biogas fueled models. 
Biogas Academy was contacted.
The suggestion was that Smart Recycling join SKANSKA, SF Bio, Taxi020 and a growing number of companies in Sweden: communicate your part in the smart city grid to all your co-workers and customers using the same concept. Today all of Smart Recycling´s trucks and cars use the swedish biogas label.


Audi Sweden, Matmästarna restaurant and Biogas academy

                           ”A technology that enables you to drive 130 meters on one banana peel - unbelievably clever!" 


Jenny Tilegrim wanted to integrate her restaurant in Södertälje with the smart grid developed by the city. Biogas Academy was contacted. Together we went through Sweden´s leading position in waste to fuel, how versatile and clever the system is, and how easy it is to contribute.
Shortly afterwards, Jenny had decided on which stickers, roll-ups and signs to order for coffee machines, counters and stands. 
The leftovers previously wasted by Matmästarna´s 600 daily lunch guests is now turned into biogas. A part of the 35 tons being the grinds from 100,000 cups of coffee consumed annually. The biogas resulting from Jennys efforts keeps five cars off petrol.


Jenny Tilegrim: - I´ve turned our restaurant into a lesson in smart handling of leftovers. The guests´reactions are the same as my own, they are thrilled by the simplicity of doing something that matters. The better we sort, the more climate friendly fuel can be produced. When it´s this simple, who does NOT want to help out?

Jenny Tilegrim head chef, Matmästarna restaurant
Irene Bernald head of communication Audi Sverige 


Audi has three models, the A3 g-tron Sportsback, A4 g-tron Avant and the A5 g-tron Sportsback that come with dual fuel systems: one for petrol and one for compressed methane.

Audi contacted Biogas Academy. The result was a program with a number of themes for 140 Audi sales representatives.


  • Comparing biomethane with fossil fuels, electricity and hydrogen.
  • Advantages for swedish cities and Sweden as a nation when more people opt for biogas cars
  • Driving economy, technical aspects of gas hybrid cars and the 24 million methane powered vehicles running globally. 


Founder of Biogas Academy Jan Rapp was featured in Audi Magazine, nr 1, 2017.

In cooperation with JKL, Biogas Academy organised the Audi seminar "Från Luzette till Los Angeles" at Almedalen political week 2017. Besides Audi the presentations came from Biogas Academy, iconic organic farm and restaurant Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog and Svenska Brasserier restaurant group.

Widrikssons åkeri and biogas academy

Anna Hanerud, communications Widrikssons Åkeri 

"Barbecue and biogas-quiz"


At Widrikssons Åkeri talk is cheap. Having invested in 48 light duty, CNG delivery trucks, fueling them with anything but 100% biomethane was not an option. The solution, rendering independency from the hassles of public filling stations, was both radical and efficent: Widriksson invested 5 million SEK in a biomethane filling station of their own.

After a meeting with Biogas Academy, Widrikssons and 17 other swedish businesses agreed to developing a national biogas label. Using the same label in lunch rooms; on entrance doors and menus of reastaurants, as on cars and filling stations for biomethane. This way both school children and hotel guests will be reminded of the links between smart waste handling and what car models run on locally produced fuel.
In the autumn of 2015 Widrikssons became the first logistics company in Sweden approved to use the swedish biogas label.

Anna Hanerud: -Our drivers come from more than 30 different countries. For everybody to understand and want to learn more about the connection between the food waste grinder in our cafeteria and the biomethane that keeps our trucks rolling, being imaginative goes along way. I´ve arranged everything from barbecues to a biogas-quiz. The other day I overheard one of our drivers explaining biogas to a collegue using my exact words. That tells me I´m doing something right. 

SF BIo möten & events and biogas academy

Thomas Runfors Head of communication
Cinzia Paulsen Food & Beverage Manager
Johan Skoglund Office manager SF Bio Möten och Event

”After just two weeks everyone at the office wanted their own desktop biogas container for teabags and apple cores”


SF Bio, a partner of Odeon Cinemas Group owned by the
world´s largest cinema company AMC, shows films on 264 Swedish screens. SF sustainability focuses on reducing waste and smarter energy use in buildings and in travel/transports.
With the ambition to integrate SF Bio in the city´s biogas grid Biogas Academy was contracted. 
A first meeting identified SFs key activities. Hosting 12 milllion popcorn eating cinema goers every year as well as a growing meeting- and event business, it was easy to see SF making a difference in upgrading Sweden. 
Today all organic waste from SFs head ofiice comes to use in biogas production. The same goes for any food waste generated by the catering at SF´s event activities.

Desktop Biogas, a personal container making it easy to sort teabags and fruit peel at your work desk, is a concept invented by enthusiastic co-workers at SF Bio. No single use material is needed in this visible and easy-to-rinse desk top sorting system.

Cinzia Paulsen: - I love food, scuba diving, film and cinemas. Moving to Sweden from Switzerland I had the opportunity to devote myself to every aspect of slow-food. One of the projects I have realised is running a goat cheese factory. During my years with SF I´ve worked with everything from checking tickets, managing the projectors to doing what I do today as responsible for quality at the events and meetings held at our cinemas. Swedes like going to the cinema, just like I do. Apparently they like to eat too - we sell 480 tons of popcorn a year! 

 IVECO Stockholm and Biogas academy

Micha Grönvalls, CEO Kihlstöms Lastbilscenter/IVECO Stockholm

Trucks running on coffee grinds get their own glossy magazine


Italian truck brand IVECO offers methane fueled trucks in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to this, Swedish logistic operators have every possibility of doing what UPS USA are doing: run their fleet on locally produced, fossil free fuel. To increase awareness of this, CEO of Kihlströms Truck Center in Stockholm Micha Grönvalls, wanted to produce a broschure mixing product performance with biogas facts. Biogas Academy was contacted to discuss facts and financing.
The resulting glossy magazine was financed by E.oN Gas and Kihlströms. 

Micha Grönvalls: - I am positively passionate about italian cars. Actually it doesn´t stop at cars, I´m obsessed with everything italian be it odd gestures used in non verbal communication, cool cars or the designed towel dryer in our guest restroom. Working as CEO of a logistics company some years ago I realized that Italian truck makers are the only ones offering methane powered trucks of every thinkable dimension and performance. Surpised? Not me. We are talking about ITALIAN products.

Danderyds hospital and Biogas Academy. and google

Dr Jan Rapp, senior medical advisor Danderyds Sjukhus (2011)

Dr Jan Rapp´s hospital project was awarded in Birmingham, England July 2018. Event: AD & Biogas Industry Awards arranged by World Biogas Association and ADBA.

Stockholm hospitals improve healh by making smart fuel.            


Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has 27 public filling stations for biomethane/RNG (sw:biogas). The biogas is produced from kitchen waste processed during three weeks in local plants. More organic waste means more smart fuel availiable for smart buses and cars. 

In 2009, senior medical advisor Jan Rapp, founder of Biogas Academy, designed and introduced a system for the sorting of uneaten patient food at Danderyd Hospital. By not utilizing any single use material, the system; 

  • reduces conventional waste by 85 metric tonnes in the first year
  • saves 12 000 Euros in annual waste fees.
  • saves 14 000 plastic sacs every year
  • increases Stockholm´s production of smart fuel

By 2016, all stockholm hospitals were using the system. The organic waste sorted corresponds to 80,000 litres of petrol annually. In the transition to a smarter Sweden, every person and organisation deciding to connect to the biogas grid counts.
The project was highly commended at the World Biogas Associaton´s AD & Biogas Industry Awards in Birmingham in July, 2018

Google Bay Area Waste Case Study describes an strategy with striking similarities to dr Rapp´s hospital system. At Google global head quarters at Mountain View, California, sorting of organic waste increased from 10 to 78% when specific containers for organic waste were introduced in the office space. At Google, five million plastic bags are saved each year due to the new, smarter system.

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has