A fast growing number of car models run on Biomethane

If you want to drive the cars or trucks that are best for both our national economy, the environment and the climate, we will gladly guide you. Website www.tankasvenskt.se has all the models availiable.
In spite of over 20 CNG car models on the market, information about them
isn´t always easy to come by.
The same goes for for CNG trucks and lorries.
Truth is, there are reliable and high performance vehicles for every possible need to choose from, but very fem car salesmen will do anything to help you buy them.

driving a biomethane vehicle is the smartest choice

When chosing a car that can run on biomethane (sw:biogas) you are chosing a car that is ready for fossil free transport, but that is just one of the good things you are contributing to:

Biomethande is produced locally which means that the money you pay at the filling stations stays in Sweden.
This creates swedish jobs. It also secures the supply of both fuel for transports and fertiliser neccesary for producing swedish food.

Sorting food waste reduces the amount of waste being incinerated. Another positive consequence is that food waste is reduced. Why? Because it is only when you can see and measure the amounts of food you waste from homes, restaurants and hospitals that you can start developing the most efficent ways to reduce it.

  cng cars for dummies

There are 25 car models in Sweden today with dual fuel systems for both compressed methane (CNG, CBG) and petrol. This means that even if your biomethane tank is empty before you reach a filling station the car automatically switches to petrol. 
Besides cars, gas trucks and lorries come in any size or shape you might need. We will gladly try to help you find the right CNG car or truck. 
Any petrol car can be equipped with a tank system for methane/CNG/biomethane. Konvegas in Växjö knows everytinhg there is to know about retro-conversion, equipping any petrol car with an extra fueling system for biogas.

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has