"Biogas Äger!" (Biogas rules!) Putting the first shovel in the ground for the construction of Stockholms first biogas plant designed for food waste. Huddinge oktober 2015. From the left: swedish rap artist Dogge Doggelito, former prime minister Göran Persson, Jan Rapp, Biogasakademin.

     our project leading brings out your best

Biogasakademin builds on the power of joining forces towards a common goal. 

Among the projects we have led are:

  • coordinating 19 businesses representing recycling, waste water treatment, biogas producers and distributers in a project developing a national biogas label.
  • creating the concept "Nationella Biogasveckan" (Biogas Week) setting a time frame for joint/coordinated marketing activities from ten distributers, producers, Volkswagen Group and swedish taxi company Taxi020.
  • introducing food waste sorting at Danderyds Hospital, Sophiahemmet Hospital, Norrtälje Hospital, and at the head offices of SKANSKA Sveriges, Sf Bio Möten & Events and Öhmnan asset management. 

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has