small changes making a huge difference


By something as simple as sorting your apple cores, tea bags and banana peels you are contributing to something truly amazing. Sweden has a grid designed to make the world´s smartest energy from waste, and all you have to do is keep using your bathroom and sort your food waste in the right bin.
Examples:Two banana peels from every stockholmian means biogas enough to fuel a bus during a year. Coffee grounds and potatoe peels from conference facility Skogshem & Wijks on Lidingö yields green fuel equalling five cars turning zero carbon.  
Unbelievably smart!
The sooner you get connected, at home or at work, the better. 

Given Sweden´s network of filling stations for locally produced biomethane from waste, driving a biogas car is the best choice for Sweden. And the world. 

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has