Erica Bertilsson, director of communications and sustainability, Arvid Nordquist,Solna.
Erica Bertilsson, director of communications and sustainability, Arvid Nordquist,Solna.

a good feeling

It´s a good feeling knowing you are doing something right. By letting your co-workers, clients, customers or passengers know what a clever system they are a part of, a number of good things happen: 

  • you become popular since you are bringing the good news.
  • new knowledge increases motivation to contribute and to come up with creative ideas.°
  • understanding how things work encourages telling others about what you know and about the smart choices you make. 
We will help you increase visibility of the ways that you are connected to the biogas grid.

°A study by Ohio State University shows how citizens of Costa Mesa California, after starting to sort organic waste, also became more interested in doing other things considered environmentally friendly like switching off the lights in empty rooms, etc. The findings are identical with the conclusion made at Google Global Head Quarter in Mountain View, California in 2013. By combining clear and informative instructions with training, sorting of office organics increased dramatically. See "Google Bay Area Waste Case Study Challenge"

 hotels & restaurants

cars & buses



good news nicely designed

We will gladly help you with printed or digital material like posters, folders, roll-ups or stickers communicating your parts of the biogas grid on coffee tables, in receptions, etc.
Do you need nicely designed, smart and functional sorting equipment or perhaps
superlow carbon cars or trucks, folders on what it´s like to drive a dual fuel car?  We´re the ones to ask!

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has