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Dr Jan Rapp
Project management, creator,
key-note speaker
Senior medical advisor StockholmIVF

Roger Murray
Tech Support
DNS System Specialist
Swedish Internet Foundation (".se")

Renate Viering
Strategy, social media
CEO Lantella Ledarskap

Antonia Brune
Administration, Guld för Sverige


Joakim Ståhl

Photo, image processing
Imagery department,
Svenska Dagbladet

Fredrik Wahlén
Film, editing, photography
CEO Wahlén Future
Swedish National Team kayakslalom

Erik Meeuwisse
Film, editing, concepts
CEO NordArt

Anders Lindgren
Process leading, workshop master
Project leader, Steneby Art School

Thomas Pettersson

   Research, support
Project manager events 
A Company 

"An important initiative that can have great impact through the power of being a good example"
UN´s vice secretary general Jan Eliasson on Dr Jan Rapp´s work promoting biogas 

                                          our story

When dr Jan Rapp, senior medical advisor at a Stockholm hospital, first heard of biogas two things struck him:

  1. the technique enables every city in the world to produce carbon neutral, smart energy from waste. The process also purifies water and contributes to stable supply of domestic fertiliser.
  2. it was the first time he heard of it.
If the best ways to reduce emissions of fossil carbon dioxide are to become world wide practice, knowledge of how you construct such systems need to increase. This means Sweden needs to improve the way we communicate how a smart city turns waste to energy. How to sort waste, what cars to drive, etc.  

With this in mind, Jan founded Biogasakademin, a non-profit network of proffessionals wanting to help out as best we can in preventing climate change. 
By telling all swedes about how smart it is to connect to the biogas grid we create two this::


  1. A more intelligently designed country with less waste, better city air, more green energy, better food, more secure energy supply, more jobs and better economic conditions for farmers and strengthened economy in rural regions.
  2. A country with ten millon biogas ambassadors being able to tell tourists and Nobel Prize winners about how litle effort it takes to live a little smarter. A conutry where landing at an airport, eating at a restaurant, having coffe in a café, taking a taxi or staying at a hotel means being reminded of the facts that in this country we do things a little...... smarter.
All this in order to speed up the spreading of biogas technology world wide, something we see starting in California but also in Finland, England, Holland and France.

our idea

Even big challenges can have simple solutions. Knowing you are making a difference makes people do amazing things.

our Vision

Sweden - a country of ten million biogas ambassadors. For a fast shift to more intelligent ways to produce energy and food, a decreased need for transportation of liquid fuels and less political tension in the world, decisionmakers need to see large scale, operational technical solutions. Sweden is the perfect place to learn about one such system: biogas.
We need to get better at telling how far we´ve come in biogas development!

Pressmaterial & rewards

Dr Jan Rapp has been awarded:
Swedish Environmental Hero of the Year (Aftonbladet newspaper) and
Stockholmian of the Month (City of Stockholm) He has also received prices from the Swedish Recycling Industry and "Biogas Achiever of the Year" from the hands of former swedish prime minister Göran Persson.

Läs våra pressmeddelanden på Mynewsdesk.

För mer information e-posta till info@biogasakademin.se¨

customer´s words:

"Why haven´t anybody told me this before?!?arför har ingen berättat det här tidigare?!"

Biogas Technology - making what everybody needs from what everybody has