"Our partners are changing the world"

                                                                                                         Jan Rapp, MD, founder of Biogas Academy

Do you know what SKANSKA Sverige, Öhman Asset Management and the Department of Strategic Environmental Research at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm have in common?
 We do.
Assisted by Biogas Academy they are now part of Swedens world leading biogasgrid.
Read about them, why a growing number of countries are being inspired by what Sweden has developed and how Biogas Academy can help you become part of a smarter world.


dr jan Rapp´s hosptal project (see "cases") awarded in the uk!

Arranged by World Biogas Organisation and british ADBA, the AD & Biogas Awards at Birmingham Trade Show in July 2018 honoured Dr Jan Rapp´s project turning hospital food waste into biogas substrate (read more under "CASES"). Hopefully the attention can help hospitals and other institutions outside of Sweden when upgrading to the smart biogas energy grid.

New york, feb 20 - we have a winner!


New York, February 20. Charles Vigliotti, CEO of Long Island Compost and president of American Organic Energy receives our Global Game Changer Award from the hands of dr Jan Rapp. In december 2013, the Mayor of New York decided on a plan to sort organic waste in the city. Only four years later, mr Vigliotti is close to putting the first shovel in the ground building the world´s most advanced anaerobic digestion facility, turning the city´s waste into smart energy. A true game changer. More on mr Vigliotti in N.Y. Times `King of Compost´, Feb 2017.

leading the world


leading sweden




WHY biogas?


our partners are

restaurants, property owners, conference facilities, schools, hospitals, airports, central stations, asset managers, universities, taxi operators, goods transport companies, grocery stores, cafés, recycling businesses, counties, cities, biogas producers, filling station operators and makers of cars- trucks and buses.


we cooperate with

Gateau Djursholm
Stockholm School of Economics
Mässrestauranger at Stockholm Fair
Swedish top domain (.se)/iiS
OpenCafé, KTH Campus Valhallavägen
 Danderyds Hospital, Stockholm  
The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Filmstaden, a part of Odeon Cinema Group
Sophiahemmet Sjukhus & Högskola 
Region Jönköping
Scandinavian Service Partner Arlanda Airport  
Svenska Brasserier restaurant group, Stockholm 
Vigilo Advokatbyrå
Länstrafiken Jönköping 
Restaurang Matmästarna
ICA Supermarket Vanadis
SRV Återvinning
Jönköpings Kommun
Vätterhem Bostäder
Svenska Bostäder
Uppsala Vatten

Sabis Sophiahemmet
Starbuck´s Stockholms Central
Hotell S:t Clemens Visby
Botkyrka kommun
Fiat Professional
Restaurang Midan
Asso di Quadri
Hotell Mörby
Huge Fastigheter
Widrikssons Åkeri