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Dr Jan Rapp

MD and Founder of Biogas Academy

Caused by the urgency to help the EU avoid making a major mistake,
we now dedicate this website entirely to clarifying what is at stake in Brussels right now.

Two out of three things the EU Commission needs to know is in this 125 second film. (The third one is described in "The Green Investment Loop")

Calculations by Professor Pål Börjesson, Lund Institute of Technology. pal.borjesson@miljo.lth.se

DG Clima


The EU Commission´s department for climate is called DG Clima. The DG Clima experts believe that there is only one type of cars that can have zero fossil carbon emissions: electric cars.

The Finnish Minister of Transport, the vice president of the EU Parliament Heidi Hautala, the California Air Resources Board, MEP Emma Wiesner of Renew and Tom Birgersson in the short film you just saw know more. They know why another kind of car can be even more crucial in jump starting the EU Green Deal: 
methane powered cars.

1. The cars 

European car manufacturers are world leading in making cars and trucks fueled by methane gas. Very few Commission experts have realized that these cars become Zero Fossil Carbon Vehicles the moment you combine them with....

2. The new fuel 

There´s a new European fuel, bio-methane. Bio-methane is a non-fossil fuel, produced from waste.   

This website explains how this knowledge is crucial to a reality based
 Green Deal

  1. the cars: The EU Experts mistakes


2. The Fuel: BIO-METHANE, made from waste


 3. the green investment loop


 4. why the car emission standard is key


Our advisors include:

Potentials, substrates, anaerobic digestion

Pål Börjesson, Professor Environmental and Energy systems, Lund Instititue of Technology

Thermal gasification, potentials, substrates

Henrik Thunman, Professor Thermal chemical conversion, Chalmers Institute of Technology

Sectorial/economical synerigies, energy systems

Mats Eklund, Professor Environmental Technology & Management, Linköping University

Biomethane as vehicle fuel, regulatory mechanisms, emissions

Björn Fredriksson Möller, Senior advisor, St1, Sweden
Ellenor Grundfelt, expert, Swedish Gas Association

Biomethane as maritime fuel, regulatory & market mechanisms, practical use, logistics

Lars Höglund, CEO and captain, Furetank Shipping
Marcus Jacobsson, Terntank Ship Management