The Biogas logo
thoughts on the immense benefits from making the value chain visible


One for all and all for one

The more people that sort their kitchen waste to be recycled at biogas plants the better.
The more restaurants, hospitals, universities, hotels and food chains that do the same the better.
The more logistic operators, airports, bus fleets and last mile deliveries that use biomethane vehicles the better.

Even with more and more policymakers, businessmen & women in the countries of the world realizing the benefit of some parts of the biogas value chain, still very few people (and in people we do include all the categories mentioned above) know about how their own waste can be turned into the world´s smartest fuel being produced and available literally "down the block", in their own city.

Serving their own city. region and country. Urban and rural.

We offer ideas to change that.

By using a similar logo at fueling stations, on trucks, buses, entrances of hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, on household waste bins and garbage trucks curiosity and knowledge of this "no-brainer" system could spread much faster than it has until now.

And with more people understanding the logic and how easy it is to be a part of this transition,
to start "doing biogas",
we think the pace of change will increase radically.

It´s great that you are learning about biogas. Now, we suggest you become a Biogas Ambassador.

The logo can be used at no cost by:

  • Trucks and buses using biomethane. Privately as well as company owned.
  • Business sorting organic waste for biogas production
  • Businesses having their some of their industrial waste being used in biogas production
  • Businesses collecting waste for biogas production
  • Businesses producing/trading biogas/biomethane
  • Businesses trading/transporting ecofertilizer
  • Businesses using biogas/biomethane in production like breweries, potato chips producers, coffee roasteries, kitchens, heating
  • Information material directed towards the biogas value chain. Like folders on waste sorting, waste bins stickers, etc.

Examples of surfaces ideal for raising curiousity and awareness of biogas


Biogas technology - making something we all need from something we all have