Some of the films we have produced

   K. RE Power eu & the beauty of biogas

1 minute 57 seconds. When the EU invests in increasing biomethane production as part of REPowerEU, a plan to replace Russian natural gas, what kind of projects are we talking about? Hagelsrum dairy farm in Målilla, Sweden is a great example of the beauty of biogas.

 L. urban recycling: hotels & restaurants

5 minutes 1 second. Long before EUs 2023 introduction of mandatory sorting of organic waste, many Stockholm grocery stores, high end restaurants and hotels were already doing the right thing. Film for the concept (2011 - 2020)

      M. trailer, operation climate threat

2 minutes 22 seconds. During a 2018 US tour, Biogas Academy met with pioneers in zero waste and biogas. From Manhattan and Long Island to Palo Alto and San Fransisco the conclusion was obvious: investors and major brands are ready and willing to recycle and to "do biogas/RNG". Unexpected take away: Californian biomethane boom started in.....Sweden. Trailer.

              N. operation climate threat

26 minutes 40 seconds. Our film about some of the most exciting projects and persons on the US recycling and biogas/RNG scene. Swedish sound but subtitled in English. Click CC icon.

  o. Urban recycling: Stockholm hospitals

5 minutes 8 seconds. Biogas Academy founder, MD Jan Rapp´s award winning model for sorting of organic waste at Danderyd´s Hospital in Stockholm. Improving work environment in kitchens, diverting 72 tons of organic waste/year from incineration and saving 14 600 plastic bags/year. Since 2013 the model is introduced at all hospitals in the Stockholm region.

               p. Low carbon life made easy

1 minute 17 seconds. Some parts of low carbon life are actually very simple. Film for the concept (2011 - 2020)

    r. urban recycling call of duty style

35 seconds. Don´t waste your shot, Part One. Sorting of domestic kitchen waste Call of Duty - style. Film for the concept (2011 - 2020)

            s. Call of duty style, part two

40 seconds. Don´t waste your shot, Part Two. Film for the concept (2011 - 2020)


And finally, a film we just love:

We give you:ingenious Dutch student Gijs Schalkx. A an artistically and aestheticaliy brilliant film about a technical solution illustrating just how "natural" biogas is and how easily we can make much, much more of this resource readily accessible literally all around us. Don´t miss out on Gijs YouTube channel and his other brilliant films and constructions. Enjoy!  

Words for thought from mr Schalkx website : "Stop outsourcing your ethics, become part of the process and take back your own agency." The website also offers more info on his model for circular, renewable, non-fossil transportation combining combustion engines and biogas.

The end