Are you aware of how easily the waste generated in your office can increase organic farming in Sweden?
Did you know that it only takes two banana peels from each stockholmian two fuel a biogas bus for a year? 
Did you know that what six million swedes achieve in..the bathroom is turned into the smartest form of energy available?

                                                                            Those are the kind of things we love to share with you.
Did you know, but not your customers?
                                                                               Then we´d be more than happy to help you tell them.


                SEE ONe,

When training to become a surgeon, Jan Rapp, founder of Biogas Academy, saw how skills were passed on from doctor to doctor. First, you observe an experienced surgeon perform the procedure. Then you do it yourself and when you are familiar with every aspect of it, it´s time for you to instruct. See one, do one, teach one.

                 Do One,

We are glad to assist companies an organisations in using swedish, sustainable fuel in tranporting good and people. We also provide services leading to smarter recycling and waste reduction by connection you to the smart biogas grid, a grid resulting in healthier food and swedish jobs.

           TEACH ONE.

When your questions are answered we can help you plan how to communicate your initiative to both co-workers and clients/guests/customers. We have a lot of experience in customising

  • presentations,
  • articles for web or press,
  • material like signs, table talkers, stickers, posters

for your specific needs. We will gladly assist you in designing a communication plan for your initiative. Under dropdown "PRODUCTS" you will find examples of material we have produced. 

         dr jan Rapp


                                                     Organisations we´ve helped connect to the smart biogas grid:

Offices: SF Bio Möten och Event head office Öhman Asset Management head office, Department of Strategci Environmental Analysis, The Royal Institute of Technology, SKANSKA head office, .se/Swedish Internet Foundation, Sophiahemmet Hospital, Danderyd Hospital, 
Restaurants: Starbucks Coffee, Asso di Quadri, Luzette, Stockholms Central Station, Matmästarna Södertälje, Sodexo Hotell Mörby.
Condominiums: Brf Grängen, Årsta. Bf Gnistan, Vasastan (Stockholm)
Conference facilities: Munchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
Hospitals: Danderyds Hospital, Sophiahemmet Hospital, Karolinska Hospitals in Solna and Huddinge, Bromma Hospital, Nacka Hospital, Norrtälje Hospital, Södersjukhuset Hospital
                                                  Organisations we´ve helped improve their communication concering biogas::

Logistics: Taxi020, SSP Arlanda, Smart Recycling, Widrikssons Åkeri, Taxi Drakstaden (Sundsvall), Länstrafiken Jönköpings Län
Offices: SKANSKA Sverige, Öhman Asset Management, SF Bio Möten and Event, .se/Swedish Internet Foundation
Restaurants: Matmästarna Södertälje, Sodexo Karolinska Sjukhuset Solna
Car brands/sales: Audi Sweden, El- och Biogasbilar i Växjö, AVIS Växjö, Westport/Volvo Cars
Housing: Vätterhem
Energy producers: BiogasGotland, Fordonsgas Sverige, Tekniska Verken/Svensk Biogas i Linköping, Scandinavian Biogas Fuels, Swedish Biogas International, Jönköping Energi
Waste Water Treatment: Uppsala Vatten, Käppalaverket, Himmerfjärdsverket, Gryyab Göteborg
Municipalities: SRV Återvinning, NSR Helsingborg, Jönköpings Kommun, Nässjö Affärsverk,
Misc: Vigilo Law Firm, (Uppsala), Borås Fönsterputs (Borås), ICA Supermarket Vanadis (Stockholm),


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